TTI Courses

"The Teacher is accorded a great privilege, that of guiding and often shaping the thoughts and actions of others.”            Marion Broer,  'Efficiency of Human Movement'

How to Use TTI

For those who have taught little or no tennis:

Our four one-week courses have been created in a sequence that will be most beneficial to you. We strongly advise that you begin with course number 1 ‘Foundations’ and follow that with course number 2 ‘Tools’.

For experienced teachers who have a desire to enhance their skills and knowledge:

We suggest that you take a look at the content of our one-week courses as well as the workshops. Based upon your self assessment, feel free to select any course or portion thereof that will satisfy your needs. If you are unable to find what you need, call us and we will create a way to meet your need.


Course 1


of Tennis


This course has been designed to equip tennis teachers with a foundation on which to build their teaching expertise. The purpose of the course is to give each and every teacher a better understanding of: 

·   Our roles as teachers

·   Tennis fundamentals

·   Tennis and the body in motion

·   Teacher-Student communications

·   Understanding your students as athletes
·   Development Process– how students (kids and adults) learn


Course 2




This course provides each individual with specific tools that will allow them to make more of a difference with their on-court teaching. The course is a balance of both theory and practice.

·   Lesson Formats and Sequences

·   Effective On-Court Communication

·   Skills Specific Lessons

·   Feeding Skills

·   Equipment (Racquets, stringing…)

·   USPTA Certification Course Prep 


Course 3


The purpose of the development lesson is to instill in their students a foundation on which to build their skills as a tennis player. This course is designed to give each participant the tools they will need in order to effectively mold and shape their students.

·   Developmental Lessons

·   Private and Group Lesson Formats

·   The body – Stretching and warm-ups

·   Understanding Athletic Development

·   Strokes: Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Volley,
Drop shots, Overhead, Lobs

·   Understanding the learning process

·   Grips and Stances

·   Footwork and Movement


Course 4




The Skills Specific Lesson is the lesson given by tennis teachers to meet the immediate and specific needs of their students. In order to be an effective “skills” teacher, participants need to be proficient in the areas of analysis, communication and understanding the learning process in the athlete. Areas of focus will include:

·   Skills specific Lessons

·   Private Lesson

·   Understanding the learning process

·   Creating Junior Development Programs

·   Spins and more Spins

·   Stroke and Player Analysis


  • All courses are Monday through Saturday
  • The Saturday portion of Course 1 is the PTR exam (PTR Membership not included)
  • The Saturday portion of Course 2 is the USPTA certification course preparation
  • It is highly recommended that the courses be taken in sequence
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